Wednesday, March 18, 2009

lots to tell...

boy oh boy am I having fun in Australia!  Just the other day, my friends took me on a snorkel trip where I saw the COOLEST THING EVER!!  A Leafy Sea Dragon!!!  We found them at Wool Bay, in the state of Western Australia!  The Great Southern Ocean! But I do have to warn you guys...if you plan to seek them out...wear a wetsuit!  I'm talking FREEZING!!  

Oh, one more thing....guess who lives in this ocean too??  GREAT WHITE SHARKS!  Oh my! But we didn't see any...phew!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

okay...I tried my best to get a pic on the page directly, but I can't...there must be some problems. So you'll have to look at the photos from the link on this page...or at the slideshow...enjoy the new pics!!!

wonderful oz...

did you guys know that Australia is also referred to as Oz??  Yup.  Here I am in Sydney, Australia. Haven't seen much yet, we just arrived, but Frankie will bring me along on a bike tour tomorrow. That is, if she can get up the hill:)  hahah...I'll help!  So, since we've last talked, I went along with my friends to do some diving trips.  We went to Sipadan, which is an island off of Borneo.  But Sipadan is considered part of the country Malaysia.  The diving there was a bit scary because there were so many SHARKS!!!  But the turtles were cool...there were too many to keep count! 100's!  Then we went off to Papua, Indonesia to the area called Raja Ampat.  That was beautiful!! I dove with all sorts of crazy fish...see Frankie and Austin's blog for the underwater pics.  There were sharks, nemo fish, bat fish,!  After all that excitement, Frankie and I took a break and hit the surf in Bali, Indonesia!  I surfed like a pro!  The beach we surfed on was famous Kuta Beach in Bali.  Frankie's friend Mike helped us both learn how to surf!  You guys at home should try!  

And yup, now we are in Sydney.  I'll keep you guys updated!

Friday, December 5, 2008

now i'm...

in THAILAND!!  I am busy relaxing at the beach with my friends Frankie and Austin!  We had a blast these past few weeks...months...whatever:)  Did you guys know that we went back to the temples??  hahah!  Yes Sir!  We went back to the Temples of Angkor...and guess what??  They are still AWESOME!   I've managed to get this thing up and you guys now have a slideshow of pics with just ME!!  If you want to see pics from our whole trip...go to Frankie and Austin's other site!!  

So learned some cool stuff recently when we went to Laos.  I learned a little about a man named Buddha!  Does anyone know who he is???  Let me know what you find out by posting comments under this post...get your mom or dad to help!!!  

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

out of the classroom...

and onto a plane!! Here is my first account of my journey so far! I am having so much fun out here and the first thing I want to share is where I am RIGHT NOW!! I am in Siem Reap, Cambodia....heard of it??? Here, there are these totally awesome temples built WAY BEFORE OUR TIME!! Great Kings of Cambodia built them. And now, all of us can see how cool they are. They are called The Temples of, is a couple of links to get you started...
Now, try to search for more by yourself or with friends and family...see what new things you can learn with me! OH!! And, don't forget to comment on this page about all the cool things you find!